Nigma fails to shine against Team Liquid

Nigma fails to shine against Team Liquid

Let’s face it, Nigma’s recent performance hasn’t been all that great. In fact, ever since KuroKy and his team-mates left Liquid’s organization, they’ve been struggling to find the path to success.

Despite that, they’ve still managed to win a few events, all of which were organized by WePlay! That’s why people think that they are the main favorites for the WePlay! Pushka League but it seems like that’s not the case.

Today, Nigma had to uneasy task to go up against Team Liquid. Apart from being a though opponent, this is the the team that replaced them in the EU organization, so the series has more to it than it seems like.

Game one did not went as planned for Nigma as their Razor was absolutely demolished. He died several times and as we know, this is not the type of a hero that can easily recover. Needless to say, Team Liquid didn’t let allow this to happen and claimed the victory in game one.

Despite the loss, Nigma managed to bounce back in game two after a very dominant performance. They’ve ripped through their enemies in the laning stage and had a solid lead going into the mid game. As a result, KuroKy and his crew were able to deliver their knock-out punch and tied the seires.

The last game of the series was truly epic to watch as both teams gave it all out. Both teams were not able to gain an advantage over the other, depsite doing constant mistakes. Nevertheless,  Team Liquid took advantage of a huge mistake done by Nigma and managed to claim the victoryt.

After the loss, Nigma is currently occupying one of the last spots in the European bracket. However, there are still a lot of matches ahead of them, so we’re yet to see what will happen.

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Published at Sun, 26 Apr 2020 14:39:02 +0000

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