Vici Gaming wins over PSG.LGD at Dota Pit Online

Vici Gaming wins over PSG.LGD at Dota Pit Online

Even though PSG.LGD were considerd to be the favorites in their match against Vici Gaming, the luck was just not on their side.

The two best Chinese teams went head to head in a deadly battle at the Dota Pit Online. This tournament brought together some of the best Chinese teams, so it’s super interesting to watch.

To make a long story short, PSG.LGD tried to experiment a lot with their draft. We saw some pretty fancy things, such as a Clockwerk carry, as well as additional st range item builds. Nevertheless, Vici Gaming sticked with the basics, which is one of the reasons why they’ve managed to win against their enemies.

Game one of the series was the one where we saw a Clock carry. Even though the hero was doing fairly ok, Vici’s Terroblade and Shadow Demon combo was just to good. On top of that, TI 8 runners-up also had latency issues. One of their stars – Yang “Chalice” Sheny was lagging all the time, which also had a negative effect.

In the end, even though they tried, PSG.LGD just couldn’t find a way of winning against their enemies. Vici Gaming’s draft was very safe, which allowed Paparazzi’s Terroblade to shine.

Although PSG.LGD played better in game two, it was still not enough to win. Vici Gaming got one of their signature heroes – Dragon Knight, which is really strong. As a result, he was able to rip through LGD’s lineup, even though they managed to pick Witch Doctor, which is a known counter to DK.

Maybe and his team-mates will have to fight for their survival tomorrow when they go up against EHOME. Be sure to watch the series live because it’s going to be pretty interesting.

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Published at Sat, 09 May 2020 18:42:59 +0000

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