Valorant Patch 1.09 – what to expect from the next update

Valorant Patch 1.09 – what to expect from the next update

Valorant fans throughout the world are wielding high expectations for the upcoming patch 1.09. Till now, Riot has done a pretty decent job at winning the hearts of players by listening to the community, giving fans what they want in the form of multiple Raze and Sage nerfs which were delivered through the past few patches.

Here’s what the fans can expect in the upcoming Valorant update:

Operator tweaks: In the 1.08 patch notes which was released on September 15th, Riot devs had stated that they were “testing a suite of changes” for the Operator.

This likely means that there’s a chance that the weapon will be getting a few adjustments in patch 1.09. However, it’s highly unlikely that Riot would make the weapon lose its ability to kill with a single hit.

Instead, Riot may choose to reduce the Operator’s synergy with Jett’s mobility, because that’s what makes the gun insane in higher ranks.

Agent Changes: Agent changes have been a part of every single major Valorant update till date. It’s almost certain that patch 1.09 will introduce a couple of changes to some of the agents. As mentioned earlier, Jett is a likely candidate for a tweak.

New Game Mode: This one is purely a speculation, but considering the fact that dataminers have found out strings that hint to Riot creating three new game modes, it won’t be surprising if one of them made it through to patch 1.09.

valorant skin

New Skin Collection: An upcoming skin collection is already announced by Riot. On 30th September, Valorant will be getting the new collection called Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster, or G.U.N. for short. The skins will feature a 1960s sci-fi design and will cost 1,775 Valorant Points each.

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