Best Esport Games to Play in 2021

By The Game Haus Staff

Rocket League

Initially released in 2015, Rocket League is one of the most sought-after esport games for its unique concept. The game features a series of soccer matches with players in their respective vehicles. The most recent update of the game in July 2016 opened doors for many players seeking a deeper thrill. The Neo Tokyo update introduced a unique way for players to see premium DLC. It contains a virtual auto showroom that lets players purchase paid content without the need to leave the game. Since the update, many players can browse through exclusive content and powerful battle cars to gain an edge.


NBA2K20 remains one of the staples in the collection of basketball fans. The franchise continues to embody seamless gameplay and ground-breaking graphics, redefining sports gaming in a digitally saturated world. The recent installment of NBA games gives players full control over their gameplay. Allowing them to customize their characters, game modes, and other aspects during basketball matches takes online gaming up the notch. Not to mention, the game aesthetics are virtual eye candy for all players to enjoy.

MLB The Show

MLB: The Show is a Major League Baseball video game series initially created by San Diego Studio in 2014. As the pioneer esports game to feature realistic baseball simulations received acclaim ever since its release. Players can expect a lot of changes in its most recent franchise, MLB the Show 21. Fans have always been longing for a chance to integrate their creativity within the game. Finally, MLB 2021 offers a stadium editor to implement unique and crazy elements on the stadiums before the matches. Players can expect the updates to release on April 16, 2021.

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